Seeds of New Life

Something beautiful is growing in the grim soil of the ongoing crisis in Eurasia.

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A Year of War.

10 million+ refugees displaced.

Families torn apart.

Men and women pulled into the violent current of a war they didn’t want.

“We are currently experiencing a preparation for something God is going to do,” says Gabriel Kosmaly, Every Home’s continental director in Eurasia. “I do not doubt that the bad things he uses for good—that is the genius of the way he works in history.” The seeds of the gospel planted in the soil of destruction and decay are flourishing! Our leaders in Eurasia testify: God is moving! We see the first green shoots of a great harvest! Will you be part of it? 


The timely opening for the gospel we are witnessing is the first fruit of the Church’s incredible response when the conflict first erupted. 

Gabriel explains: “Almost all the ministries started to serve the same way: with humanitarian aid while witnessing the gospel. Our first response was to evacuate people, helping them find shelters and start new, temporary lives. We drove trucks into war zones to collect people fleeing, reloaded the trucks with food and aid, and returned to the war zones for those hiding in shelters. This went on for weeks and months.” 

History will remember the faithful response of believers; the compassion of Christ’s people has already changed the landscape of faith in Eurasia. 

“As a result of humanitarian aid…churches are twice as big as before the war,” shares our leader in Ukraine. “People have been touched, changed, and are serving others…”


With love and creativity, believers continue to minister to a complex situation. One unique way believers are planting seeds of the gospel involves literal seeds! 

In Eurasia, where the church is often seen as lofty and ornate and God seems distant, a simple gift expresses the love of Jesus powerfully and personally. It changes lives. 

Every Home teams and church partners have begun sharing seed packets along with the message of the gospel. Already, we are witnessing the beginning of a beautiful harvest. 


The broken soil of Eurasia presents a unique opportunity for believers to sow gospel seeds. Our leaders are acting in faith that God will move mightily amid this conflict. 

“All the major happenings in history, although undesired, have brought about big change and spiritual hunger,” says Gabriel. “No doubt, this is happening in Eurasia now. Please, take these next faithful steps with us, because God, ‘made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure… to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ’” (Ephesians 1:9-10, NIV).

Your gift sows gospel seeds in Eurasia. You equip believers to reach their neighbors in a time of instability and hopelessness. You step into a mighty move of God’s spirit in a broken land!

Each $100 gift can plant 300 gospel seeds!

Will you join us?

Our goal is to fully fund three months of creative outreaches, including seed-sharing projects, in 5 Eurasian countries touched by the ongoing conflict. Your generosity has the potential to help 607,350 people encounter Jesus!

GOAL: $193,000

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Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.
—2 Corinthians 9:10


  • For Ukraine, pray for survival and that the people will see God’s work in this and give him glory.
  • For Russia, pray for God’s gift of repentance in the hearts of those perpetrating this war. We pray for Christians to be a source of peace.
  • For believers everywhere in Eurasia, pray for safety in this destabilized region.
  • For the millions of refugees, pray they would be able to return home. Pray for the thousands of children who have lost their parents to become children of the living God.